Tomb of Horrors – Arkose Edition

You gonna get raped

You’re not in the business of questioning why Maverlos Thex sends you anywhere. He gives you a job – you do it. You have your reasons.

But when Thex sends you, and other mercs like you – indentured to his service – into the Feywild, investigating an ancient gravesite, the questions are starting to bubble up to the surface. What power could resist the might of the fey lords? Who would dare set up shop in such a sacrilegious way – and why? What has Thex signed you up for – and what’s the deal with these other losers?

Welcome to the D&D 4E Tomb of Horrors – a multipart thinking man’s dungeon crawl that takes the party from Arkose to the distant boundaries of the multiverse as they investigate a chilling plot that threatens the world.

Tomb of Horrors

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