Tomb of Horrors

00: It Begins

Wherein Thex Issues New Orders

Each player received the following communication to begin the campaign:

Your service to Maverlos Thex has been brief but brutal. The archmage asks for incredible feats from those who serve him, and you have delivered.

Thex’s latest communication comes to you in the field, almost immediately following your latest mission, unbidden in the night:

My loyal servant:

My dealings with the extraplanar have led me to forge new alliances with entities beyond the veil of our world. Powerful entities. Completely based off of fradulent promises, on both sides, but it suits me to maintain these niceties in order to garner new information of the worlds beyond.

One such entity – a lord of the fae, completely untrustworthy, but quite powerful – has bid me to help him with a trifling issue within his realm. The Garden of Graves, a resting place within his kingdom, has somehow been corrupted by an unknown necrotic energy source. The wilds, the animals, the forest dwellers – they’ve all been corrupted by a force unseen in that world to date, and all of his own investigations have ended in failure. With some convenient primes at his disposal, he asked me to send an investigatory force to find out what’s going on.

I sent one last week, and have not received word back since. I have no reason to think I will ever hear from them again.

Clearly, this incursion into the Feywild is more powerful than was determined at first glance. While the weakening of this fey lord’s power base does not concern me in the slightest, I am terribly curious what could be going on that both his forces and my initial, admittedly trifling, exploratory team were unable to deal with.

That’s where you come in! I’ve decided to change up your modus operandi and team you up with some of my other more capable servants to see what’s going on. Your interaction with the fey lord’s court should be necessarily limited – in fact, I’ve arranged for you to be directed to the Garden of Graves without even needing to enter their forested city. Your task is to head to the gravesite, investigate the source of corruption, and report back to me. You might also keep your eye out for my initial force that went in.

While you’ve acted on your own for much of the duration of your service, I think you’ll enjoy working with the team I’ve assembled. You should be suitably matched to deal with whatever you may find in the tomb. Probably.

(The rest of the message explained to each character how to make their way to the fey crossing that will take you to the Feywild, where they could expect to meet with the rest of the party.)

Thex’s instructions were, as always, condescendingly precise, and led each member of the party to a specific glade deep in the heart of the forest where they assembled. Brief hostilities aside – even people who work for Thex are disinclined to trust people who announce “I work for Maverlos Thex,” – the party determined a reasonable marching order and plunged into the portal, taking them deep into the Feywild, where thankfully they were met by aservant of the fey lord in whose service they now found themselves.

Without a word, the eladrin retainer led the party through the thick forests of this vibrant dimension to the mysterious site of the corruption – the Garden of Graves.



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